Woman Loses 300 Pounds Without Gimmicks


I really enjoy stories of weight loss such as this. Shannon Davis lost 300 pounds on her own, without any gimmicky exercise machines or diet pills. Her starting weight was 589 pounds. She has lost an average of 100 pounds per year. Watch the video below to view her story:

How Shannon Lost Weight

Let’s take a look at how Shannon was able to shed the pounds. First notice her change in eating:

  • She eats 3 meals a day
  • Her meals are very simple (protein, vegetables)
  • Her meals are not made up of bad carbs (white bread, pasta, soda, etc.)
  • She indulges once in awhile

Diet is crucial to weight loss. I eat very similarly to Shannon now and realized that eating bread and pasta (white flour) on a regular basis was a bulk of the reason I wasn’t losing weight. My lunches and dinners almost always used to consist of bread or pasta. Those meals were often followed by dessert (more refined sugar.) I don’t cut out those types of carbs completely. I save them for Saturday when I indulge in a favorite meal.
15 lb dumbbell
Also notice that Shannon is very active. She exercises 7 days a week. I bet that is a huge change for her and she says it herself: “There is no magic bullet, you cannot lose weight without putting in the time and effort.” When she first joined a gym, she says she couldn’t walk on a treadmill at her starting weight, so she would walk back and forth in the pool for an hour. Now she does an hour of cardio 4 days a week and weights with a personal trainer the other 3 days.

Is it easy? Absolutely not. I’m sure she has her good days and bad days. What matters is staying consistent – making lifestyle changes and not following fads. Shannon’s story is inspirational and proves once again that healthy eating and exercise are the true keys to getting fit.


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